Customer Cooperation

2023/05/16 09:21

John is a sales representative for a steel company. His company sells steel and plate and provides customers with a range of related services. His client, Jane, is a manufacturer who needs to purchase a stock of steel plates for use in its commodity production line.

After receiving Jane's order, John begins to bond with her. John soon learned that Jane needs 60 tons of 5mm thick steel plates and needs to deliver them within one month. He started to ask some specific details about the order, such as specifications, quantity and special requirements, etc. Jane mentions custom sized products and explains that these plates will be used to produce high strength merchandise. John asked Jane for more requirements and provided some suggestions, including the options and surface quality of different steel plate types, etc.

Customer Cooperation

In order to meet Jane's customization needs, John began to discuss the production process and timetable in detail with his team and the factory's manufacturing team. They ensure that production and delivery schedules are met and that the manufactured plates meet high standards of quality.

John did not stop his services, he provided Jane with other additional services, such as providing regular production and delivery progress feedback and checking product quality assurance. Jane is very satisfied with the services provided. Next, John sends Jane an order confirmation, which includes details of the order, price and delivery time. Jane quickly responded with confirmation that the contract was about to be signed.

All in all, John's professionalism and conscientiousness ensure that clients' needs are met. Because of the meticulous work John and his team did in finalizing the details of the order, Jane trusted and chose their company. This not only increases the company's profitability and popularity, but also lays a solid foundation for the company's future success.