Renai Steel Company is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of highquality steel products. In the past year, the sales performance of Renai Iron and Steel Company has grown steadily, and the product quality has continued to improve, which has been recognized and praised by
2023/05/16 09:34
The action of Renai Steel Company to visit customers in Qatar has won them a large order, which indicates that the company has stronger competitiveness in the international market. It is reported that Renai Steel Company went to Qatar to visit a potential client, which is a worldrenowned 
2023/05/16 09:25
Renai Steel held a team building party last Saturday to enhance team cohesion and communication among employees. Before the party started, the company prepared a variety of fun games and activities, including basketball games, claw machine challenges, barbecue competitions, etc., and awarded awards
2023/05/16 08:46